Manage all your travelers and assets with our state of the art Duty of Care solution !

Travel Managers, Security departments, Human Resources, Managers all need tools to ..

  • Locate travelers who might be at risk
  • Communicate with Travelers
  • Understand the environments they are sending their employees
  • Get the most current information on events around the world
  • Ensure traveler safety
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Limit Liability

kdh Technology has proudly partnered with e-Travel Technologies Inc. to provide your travelers with real-time 7x24x365 alerts protecting the most important asset any company has, their employees.

Leveraging over 30 years of travel / Duty of Care experience and human resources that e-Travel brings to bear and combining that with our leading edge technology has created an unsurpassed Duty of Care solution.

Using our proprietary crawler technology, we track over 50 categories of events through thousands of sources identifying events that could affect your employees safety, security or travel. Our dedicated analysts review, categorize and curate events 24 hours per day to ensure that your travelers only receive pertinent, timely and relevant alerts.

Not only do we make sure that your traveler is always notified, we also understand that your team needs to know, so we ensure that we communicate with you at the same time as we advise the traveler.

Duty of Care Components

  • Pre-trip destination information (up to 30 categories)
  • Country Risk database
  • Detailed Security information
  • Real Time alerts
  • Comprehensive daily digest emails
  • Traveler tracking
  • Mobile GPS tracking

Travel Tracker Dashboard

Our Travel dashboard provides you with …

  • Current Alerts
  • Detailed country security information
  • Detailed destination information
  • Extensive, industry leading, flexible reports
  • Automated out of policy notifications
  • GPS mobile integration
  • Ability to communicate with your travelers
  • Ease of use in a mobile friendly application
  • Secure / Flexible / Responsive
  • Pro-active notifications
  • So much more …

Contact Info

kdh Technology Soutions Inc.
Ontario  Canada

Phone: (289) 653-6608